This has been one good week. Tony and I have stayed with Lisa and Andy in their little Darwin home for the last six days. We’ve picnicked and swam and chatted and laughed and planned and marketted and sunsetted and walked. We’ve been ridiculous and we’ve had deep chats. We haven’t gotten sick of each other. I already miss them.

Last night Tony and I took off to Litchfield National Park and rented a cabin for the night. We swam in waterholes and drank red wine in the warm cicada drenched air. Today we walked up a rocky hill and plunged into a deep fresh waterhole at the top of a waterfall. We ate our wraps and felt content.

And tonight we fly home. Back to our lives and the last few weeks of my very loved job.

Here are some photos of our Darwin Days.

20131008-210113.jpg 20131008-210128.jpg 20131008-210136.jpg 20131008-210145.jpg 20131008-210154.jpg 20131008-210201.jpg 20131008-210209.jpg 20131008-210215.jpg 20131008-210224.jpg 20131008-210232.jpg 20131008-210241.jpg 20131008-210248.jpg 20131008-210255.jpg 20131008-210303.jpg 20131008-210319.jpg
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